International Kendo Seminar and VIII Kharkiv Cup


Dear friends!
We are pleased to announce you the traditional event
International Kendo seminar and Kendo Cup “VIII Kharkiv Cup”
(12-15 July 2012) will go ahead in Kharkiv and is kindly
hosted by Kharkiv Kendo Federation (
As per usual this will be a fantastic event,
with taikai (5 person men teams, men, ladies and children
individual championships), a high quality seminar and
grading till 5th dan
all under the direction of Sumi Sensei 8th Dan Hanshi.

Invited senseis

SUMI sensei (8th Dan Hanshi, Japan)
HOLT sensei (7th Dan Renshi, Great Britain)
BUDDEN sensei (7th Dan Kyoshi, Malta)
TSCHERTER sensei (7th Dan Renshi, Switzerland)
GUENTLEUR sensei (7th Dan Renshi, France)
KUMPF sensei (7th Dan Renshi, Germany)

Thursday 12th July
Motodachi seminar under the direction of Sumi sensei (3rd dan up)

Friday 13th July
General and referee seminar

Saturday 14th July
Morning Seminar and grading till 5th Dan
Sayonara Party

Sunday 15th July
International Kendo Tournament “VIII Kharkiv Cup”

Invitation and registration form.

Interview With Sumi Sensei

During the last kendo seminar in Kharkov (Ukraine) Sumi sensei kindly agreed to answer some questions about kendo and his approach. As a result we have got about 20 minutes video of interview with Sumi sensei.


XXIV European Kendo Championships

24ekc_logo ukf_big

5-9 May, 2011 Ukrainian National Team will participate in 24 European Kendo Championships, which will be held in Gdynia, Poland.

National Team
Egor Omelchenko (Donetsk)

Daria Breslavets (Kharkov)
Natalia Kalinichenko (Lvov)
Anastasiya Laschenko (Sevastopol)

Alexander Chayka (Donetsk)
Kostyantyn Stryzhychenko (Kharkov)
Oleg Trishin (Donetsk)
Artem Klizub (Kharkov)
Sergiy Gladysh (Kiev)
Vladimir Derid (Donetsk)
Alexander Konstantinov (Charkassy)
Sergiy Kuznetsov (Dnepropetrovsk)

International Kendo Seminar and Tournament “VII Kharkiv Cup”


Kharkiv Kendo, Iaido, Jodo Federation with Ukraine Kendo Federation are pleased to announce the International Kendo seminar and Tournament “VII Kharkiv Cup” lead by Sumi sensei (8 Dan Kendo, Hanshi).

10-11 June, 2011: seminar under the direction of Sumi sensei (8 Dan Kendo, Hanshi).
11 June, 2011: grading exam 1 kyu - 5 Dan.
12 June, 2011: Kendo Tournament with categories: Junior Individual, Famale Individual, Male Individual and Male Team.

Invited senseis:
Sumi sensei (8th Dan Hanshi, Japan)
Holt sensei (7th Dan Renshi, Great Britain)
Budden sensei (7th Dan Kyoshi, Malta)
Guentleur sensei (7th Dan Renshi, France)
Kumpf sensei (7th Dan Renshi, Germany)
Muller sensei (7th Dan, France)

If there are any questions regarding this event please refer to the

Iaido Seitei Seminar

In 16-17 April, 2011 in Donetsk will pass Iaido Seitei Seminar.
Seminar Leader: Alexander Chayka (2 Dan Iaido)

16 April (Saturday): 2 keiko (3 hours each)
17 April (Sunday): 2 keiko (3 hours each)

Seminar participants should have bokken with saya or iaito.
Knee-pads are advisable.

mob.: +380 99-266-48-63

Deadline April 1.

I Martial Arts Winter Camp


In 14-20 February, 2011 in the sports base “Zaroslyak”, In Ivano-Frankovsk region will pass I Martial Arts Winter Camp.
Organisations: Ukraine Kendo Federation, Ivano-Frankovsk Club “Kano”
Camps Leaders:
Alexander Chayka (4 Dan Kendo, 2 Dan Iaido).
Kostyantyn Stryzhychenko (3 Dan Kendo, 1 Dan Naginata)
Natioan Teams Trainer:
Andre Raboen (4 Dan Naginata, 3 Dan Kendo, 3 Dan Iaiado, 1 Dan Kyudo)

For detailes please send mail to, or call +38 (097) 348-78-43
Deadline January 30.

II Ukraine Kendo Championship


II Ukraine Kendo Championship and also kendo seminar were held in Kharkov on 2-5th of December 2010.

More then 40 kendoists from the Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankovsk, Kiev, Krasnoarmeisk, Lugansk, lvov, Nikolaev, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Sumy, Kharkov and Cherkassy visited the event.


Male Team Championship:
1st place Shubukan (Kharkov)
2st place Donetsk
3st place Kensei(Sevastopol)
Fighting Spirit - Yuriy Volodin (Sevastopol)

Female Individual Championship:
1st place Daria Breslavets (Kharkov)
2st place Olga Marchenko (Donetsk)
3st место Anastasia Laschenko (Sevastopol)
Fighting Spirit - Olga Marchenko (Donetsk)

Male Individual Championship:
1st place Sergiy Gladysh (Kiev)
2st place Dmitry Antoshechkin (Kharkov)
3st place Oleg Trishin (Донецк), Pavel Kulikov (Kharkov)
Fighting Spirit - Dmitry Ankudinov (Киев)

Junior Individual Championship:
1st place Gleb Glugovsky (Kharkov)
2st place Gleb Beketov (Kharkov)
3st place Maria Kamyshnikova (Donetsk)
Fighting Spirit - Gleb Beketov (Kharkov)

Congratulations to the all participants and thank you for the good kendo!


VII European Naginata Championships

Ukrainian Kendo Federation participated in the VII European Naginata Championship on November 5-7, 2010.
UKF was represented by Kostyantyn Stryzhychenko (Kharkov), Sergiy Gladysh (Kiev) and Igor Tarasenko (Sevastopol).

Igor won the first place in the Individual Championship in the category “up to 2 kyu unprofessional”.

Participants certification was held  within the bounds of the championship.

There are results of certification:
Kostyantyn Stryzhychenko - 1 Dan Naginata
Sergiy Gladysh, Igor Tarasenko - 4 Kyu Naginata


Congratulations to the winners and certified!

Ukrainian Kendo Federation membership

he European Naginata Federation (ENF) has unanimously adopted Ukrainian Kendo Federation during the General Assembly on November 4, 2010.
Today ENF includes also UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, so Ukraine becomes the 9-th member of ENF.

Announcement of II Ukraine Kendo Championships

2-5 December, 2010 - II Ukrine Kendo Championships.
Organization: Ukraine Kendo Federation, Kharkiv Kendo, Iaido, Jodo Federation.


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